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Work Culture

Values at Work

Working with values and culture for over twelve years has enabled us to identify the following steps as being key when developing and engaging people with strategically aligned, values based cultures.

  • The lead team having clarity of the organization’s strategic mix and recognizing both the strategic importance of having aligned cultures and of the role values play in creating those cultures
  • Having a set of organizational values which are clearly defined, commonly understood, genuine and which form the cultural and behavioral framework within which everyone will operate
  • The lead team embodying the values and leading by example
  • People in leadership and management positions understanding and being capable of working with the key components of organizational cultures (Values, Beliefs and Behavior )
  • Create understanding at all levels of the organization of the influence that strategy and culture have on the current and future success of organizations
  • Aligning personal values, beliefs and behavior to the individual's role and the organization’s vision/values/business strategies
  • Assimilating vision, strategies and values into day-to-day decision-making
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Working with values and culture for over twelve years has enabled...

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