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Complaints Management System

Complaint Management System (CMS) is a web-enabled end to end solution to manage the complaints raised by the users at various levels. CMC has been designed to deploy at the organization level to take care of the complaints by customers, Vendors and internal department users at any level.

CMS has followed the elegant workflow model with easy user interface and highest level is usability.

Complaints created in the system by various users for various reasons. Once a complaint is logged, a unique identification number is generated, which acts as a reference for all future correspondence. Customer Service representative (CSR) personal will take-up the complaints and works still the complaints get resolved or rejected. Customer will get appropriate notification from the CMS based on his communication preference. CMS also has an option to escalate issues and maintains transparency while solving the complaints.

Following are the Complaint Management System Workflow.

Open Status: Whenever complaint is logged into the system by default it will be in Open State.

Assign Status: CSR personal of an organization can look all the open status complaints and assign the complaints to himself or other users in the same department.

Resolve / Reject / On hold / Transfer Status: Once accepted the complaints, CSR can do any of these actions. Transfer action is used for changing the complaints to different departments.

Close / Re-Open Status: Once the complaints are resolved or rejected, it can be Closed/Reopened by the CSR supervisors.

Master Status: CMS has an option to group the similar complaints. It will take one complaint as master complaints and other is treated as child. CSR personal will work on the master complaints and if he close the master complaints all the child complaints are closed. This will be used there is downtime on the application and so many complaints raised for the same.

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